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Pontoon 21 Jersey G2

Pontoon 21 Jersey
Jersey G2

Описание Pontoon 21 Jersey G2

This jersey is not for sale! This promotion tm Pontoon 21

Material Specs

  • Wear-Resistant We use a patented Intera® fabric on all of our jerseys that will not fade and it is extremely resistant to wear. Because the material itself is dyed it will not peel or wear off like screen printing.
  • UV Protection G2 apparel is built to handle extreme sun exposure with an outer shell that shields your body from harmful UV rays. All of our apparel* features a UPF rating of 25. This advanced technology aids in extending the time you are able to spend outdoors—it also increases comfort during and after the competition. *Aside from some semi-custom apparel.
  • Anti-Microbial Our fabric resists bacteria and continues to smell fresh—wash after wash. Specially finished using a micro-thin coating, our jerseys continue to look new even after months of wear.
  • Temperature Management Intera patented material keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The pores of the fabric expand whenever it is warm outside, which allows air to freely pass through. The pores contract in colder weather, which serves to insulate.
  • Moisture Transfer Our fabrics are designed to transport moisture away from your body and toward the outer layer of the fabric where it can quickly evaporate.
  • Ventilation Breathable fabric means always feeling fresh—even under the most strenuous conditions.
  • Moisture Wicking Surface moisture and sweat wick to accelerate evaporation, keeping you dry while also serving to regulate body temperature.